It’s Summa-time in the studio…

A BIG’ol THANKS to everyone who joined me on the Disney Wonder ship in May, It was such a fabulous time!


I’ve been quite busy in my studio the past month….working on some projects under the radar that won’t be surfacing for another year or so, but it’s gonna melt our faces off when it does! I can’t wait for the big reveal.
Doing commissions both large and small for my collectors has also been on my plate whilst being in my elf-studio….thank you all for loving my work-my heart is so thankful!

Some of you don’t know that I also do freelance designs for Animation studios and Toy companies… So you may own something I designed and not even know it! sneaky huh?

Wonderground Gallery in Downtown Disney…

I’ve been having many peeps email me about what’s up for fall 2016… and it’s looks like and event on Sept. 2nd, where I’ll be painting live… THEN the whole month of October will be MINE! Every Friday and Saturday mates. I’ll be there. In the fish bowl window… talking shop and creating new works. Exact Dates TBA.
I only have one more sculpture left, so I’m in full creation mode right now! The studio lights are a’ burnin’~
Disney Cruiseline? Will you be back aboard –some have asked?

And yes, most likely next year – but I’ll keep you in the know – as I find out more details! Any art shows coming up that are non-Disney? Yup. I have a mini solo at Screaming sky gallery Oregon in November…I’ll be sure to post more info as I find out the nitty’s on this too! Thank you for ALL of your love letters, I adore all my Collectors like extended family! Merci for your hearts my friends, here’s my heart on my sleeve…..
Have a Gorgeous summer! MM