New York Toy Fair is ON!


THIS Sunday 12-2pm at the Javits Center… n’ I’ll be debuting my latest vinyls AND signing my little Mr. Fox – to accompany your lil’ Love Bunny the folks at Enesco kindly gave out to attendees last year. SO YES! Nerd it up with me, and stop on by for a lil’ chat on Sunday, SUNday, SUNDAY!

Alas it’s not open to the public, dern it…

Only to retailers, distributors, importers, wholesalers… etc etc… blargh! But if you are going, and toys and collectible stuff is your jam~ I’ll be there at the Enesco booth.

Don’t you worry, I’ll be posting videos n’ pics of all the new stuff ~ so stay tuned HERE and on my @worldofmissmindy Instagram Page and Facebook stoof…for some fun~ diff. coverage of the event.

Huge hugs, and New York here we come!

Family Art Show at CFAER

Hello one and all!

This month dear pals and peeps, please join us for my families art show…

Industrious: Folke

~An eclectic collection of paintings, sketches, inkings, sculpture and illustrations from 1930’s to present day that spans 4 generations!


Featuring works by:

Ralf & Jeanette Johnstone    

Linda Johnstone Allen

Mary Ellison Allen  

Miss Mindy

Candace (CJ) Metzger

Sophie Metzger


Friday Feb. 1st, 2019 6-9pm

@centerfortheartseaglerock (instagram)

2225 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90041


Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock

Also! We’re doing an art workshop as well…

Saturday Feb. 9th, 2019 1-4pm

LIFE DRAWING & “Art with Heart” Workshop

Costumed model and Valentine crafts. All Ages♥️

We’ll continue to post the show – it’s up all month long- So stop in by sometime!



Signing at Leanna Lins Wonderland


Hi everyone! I was a pooped little Pixie-Vampire break for a spell after all of the signings/Launches last month.. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to those of you who came!

So, Here I go again ~ One of my LAST SIGNING of The YEAR! ( *may be at Golden Apple in a couple weeks.. but unsure!)

Please Pencil me in …


NOV. 24th (4-7pm)

I’m excited to be apart of Small business Saturday in my hometown of Eagle Rock @leannalinswonderland ! She’ll have some vinyl Jack and Sally’s.. Alice and Cheshire cats on hand, plus a bunch of my New ornaments and resin sculpts from my Candy Circus Line.

Where O’ Where?

Leanna Lin’s Wonderland

5024 Eagle Rock Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90041

Plus, I Just found out, Leanna’s giving a Gift w/purchase when you buy one of my figures.. wooohooo!

Festive Refreshments will be served

Live Sketching … ooh la la! + more TBA

Event is in conjunction with the 8th Annual We Heart Eagle Rock Shop Small on Small Business Saturday!

RSVP HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/279243596254791/

I hope to see you guys!

Lv, Minz

THANK YOU for making My Vinyl Launch amazing!

Thank you my amazing darlings…

My Vinyl line just launched last month and It was BONKERS!

They’re being so well received, n’ selling out in so many locations. I’m really floored and downright thankful to each and every one of you. I’ve been designing cartoons and toys since the early 2000’s.. and to have this come to fruition.. is a dream. Ya’ll who’ve followed my art since my underground art show days, painting and showcasing on the sidewalks..animation design.. to the Disney gallery.. know its been Mr Toad’s Wild Ride as an independent artist. I’m trying to write about my experiences as an artist to put in a crazy book of my journey someday… but you know me and my ADD.. so wish me luck!

My little Vinyl suckers are starting to pop up all over the world and in SO MANY lovely Brick n’Mortars  and online shoppes… Merci Merci Beaucoup mes Ami’s!

If you’re having trouble finding them…Just key word ‘World of Miss Mindy Vinyl’ ‘Miss Mindy’  etc… and slew of places in your neck of the woods should pop up.  My WorldOfMissMindy.com website has them available for my United States collectors….but alas.. I don’t ship International as of yet… but there’s OH SO many fabulous places abroad to nab my collections!  Any other questions you may have.. please contact my pals at Enesco who manufacturer and distribute the lil’ buggers. I really have no control over that end… but thank you for all your inquiries just the same!

Movin’ along to recap the past month… The UK signings in Kendal were just amazing. The Northern English are some of the most down to earth and creative folks… so embracing to all us crazy comic/ and pop culture artists from all over the world


In their Town Hall, the old clock tower…They served us tea, fruit and chocolates on cute little carts and will REAL cups and saucers. That’s some classy sH*T!

This trip was special because my Husband Rick – or ‘Sweet Ricky-dee’ came to join me. We drank all the beer and the fish and chips too. Some of the best we’ve ever had… It was so needed.. that little getaway with him. He’s been my number 1 champion ever since we met.. and especially when I decided to leave animation to start up my own art career in 2010. A pretty amazing man. Thank you Rick. There’s no one like you on this planet. In fact, we joke that we’re FROM another planet, but that’s another story.


Next up! My residency at Disneyland’s Wonderground went fantastical as well. I think I signed for about 18 hours total in October there.. and if you count my La Comic con Hot Topic and Uk stints.. almost 40 hours! Whew- weeee. Everyone was super kind and thoughtful, patient and understanding as I tried to spend some ‘Quality time’ with each person. I really didn’t get much live painting done.. but didn’t mind. It was fun to chat with all the guests and see people excited about art. That’s what really keeps me going when I’m pooped from being on display in a window. Folks being excited about art and stories.. that’s what started all the galleries and cons


So am I just laid-out from all the signings? Well... yes.. Ha! But I’m doing one more this year at my ol’ friend Leanna Lins Wonderland in my Hometown of Eagle Rock in Los Angeles NOVEMBER 24th from 4-7pm. I’ll be signing and doodling for folks and talking shop… I hope you’ll come by and join us to help support your local small businesses!

Please see my events page for the skinny…

xoxo Minz

Vinyls RELEASE & upcoming events!

MY first Disney Showcase / WORLD of Miss Mindy Vinyls are starting to roll out!

WHERE? Well first.. Mickey, Minnie, Stitch, Jack and Sally have Hit the Shelves at Hot Topic and Box Lunch Stores for an early exclusive!

ALSO – My friends at Books a Million stores will be debuting my Alice and Cheshire Cat Vinyls for their fancy pants early exclusive…Merci Merci for helping me bring these little buggers into the world with a bang!

So happy to have my creations launch at last… and  Merci for all of your patience while we get these first 2 series looking as gorgeous as they can be! I’ve been working in the arts and  designer collectables world for many years.. and It always feels like I just had plastic kids! It’s quite an undertaking to ‘LAUNCH’ the ‘NEW’ and unusual. I thank all my collectors that have been with me.. the big and the small.. the teenie and tall… for supporting my art to no end… and for being so excited my ART. You’re my super heroes! It’s been a bit like Mr. Toads wild ride….

Cheers to new ideas and different ways to look at the world…

To bending the rules and twisting the mold.. (pun intended – Ha ha!)

– I hope to see you at my upcoming events this fall:

1. I’ll be at LA comic con at The Hot Topic booth with 200 LE zero’s that glow in the dark! Oct 27th from 12-2pm

2. I’m Wonderground Gallery’s Artist in Residence for October! 6,7 / 20, 21 / 27, 28

*From 6-10pm every Saturday and Sunday (except the second weekend, I’ll be at New Castle comic-con in the UK!)

**I’ve heard I should have my vinyls on hand at Wonderground if all goes to plan!


Summa time – Vinyls pre order & OCTOBER rumors…

Happy almost summer to everyone!


I’m becoming a cave dweller in my studio for the next few months.. because, as you know – I’m an elf vampire, and have a heap ton o’ artwork to do! Don’t get me wrong.. I love sun when it’s not baking my Irish skin, but love a nice gothic wide brim hat, and a cold port in the shade too.

(I may do a signing in Vegas at the end of June mid-July.. but will keep you posted as soon as I have the skinny.)  After that, I’ll be prepping for all my shows and releases for October. So far: I’ll be going to the New Castle Comic-con, Artist in Residence at WonderGround Gallery, a Art show and retrospective with my art family… and signing with Hot Topic at LA Comic Con! Yes, That’s all in October – sheesh! Everything’s still being confirmed and all that jazz, but wanted to come out from behind the curtain to tell ya’ll a bit of whats up.


I just stumbled on these cute banners that the folks at Enesco made to promote my lines… so fun! My Vinyls will be releasing later this year…  – Right now, the one place you can pre order at many shops online.. I’ll be sure to post when I have more links!

You can also pre order if you’ve got a wholesale license – up on the Enesco site.. so slowly down the pipe they come to so many fabulous shops… so excited…
Big big hugs, MM


May 12th Signing 11-3pm in Manhattan Beach, CA!


Hey Everybody! This SAT. I’ll be signing my new Fantasia/Wonderland Disney and Candy Circus sculpts at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores from 11-3pm…

I’m rollin’ out with my sweetheart Mama Linda ~ and can’t wait to doodle n’ chat with everyone…

Where OH where?

Hallmark is located at 3200 N Sepulveda Blvd Ste C14 …

see the below event link for more info.


* I’m unsure when I’ll be popping out of the ground next ~ so I hope to see you!

I’m bringing a treat for the first 20 people in line…one of my cute new enamel pins or a ‘heart on my sleeve’ patch.. A little gift from my studio to you!

Plus! Hallmark will be giving away some figurines that day-so be sure to sign in when you get there! Big Big hugs…

– xoxo MM

NEW 2018 lines are about to release!

At Last! I can start showing you guys some photos of my NEW lines for 2018.

Presenting…The First, in Pink.. TaDaaaaaaaaaaaa..

is my personal line ~ Straight from your favorite elf’s crazy brain!
It’s a dash of circus, a dot of cosmic, and a dash of Pixieville! For years I’ve been building a whole world of little critters n’ gals, wee beasties and mushroom pals. I hope you enjoy my first ‘toe in the pool’ for this batch o’ cookies.
I’m super proud of ’em, and they just went LIVE for PRESALE up on my new https://worldofmissmindy.com/ site … woooo! Fancy pantaloons…


Also coming this Year, are my new Disney Showcase sculpts… Fantasia and Wonderland!

( Pictured below,  is my original concept art. wee!)  For those of you who already bought my Cheshire Cat during the first launch… now he has some company, because we’re ALL MAD HERE.. heh heh.


The Backgrounds you see behind them (on the slides on front page of my website) -were painted by yours truly, and will be available in the deluxe sets soon. I just finished them, in fact – the paints barely dry!

So hang tight for those to get printed and pop up on the Enesco wholesale site, and… my new ‘worldofMissMindy’ site too!I hope you all had a wonderful New Year, and may this one bring positivity and light… MORE fun PICS to come!!

love and kisses, MM

PS: Wholesale shop folks: you can go straight to Enesco if you have  a resale license: whoop! https://www.enescobusiness.com/category/enesco+-+brands/the+world+of+miss+mindy.do?c=103632.320314&sortby=newArrivalsDescend&pp=15&page=3

MM Disney Showcase Collection IS ON!

Hello my Lovelies!


Just posting all the new project teasers that are coming to light. It’s been such an exciting time, really… creating a whole new line of art in my style with Disney has been such a thrill. I’m just starting to believe that this is really happening, and couldn’t have done it without you all lovin’ my work all these years, so thank you! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram… you’ve probably seen these pictures from the debut of my line at the Atlanta gift show… if not ~ here you go!

It was such an amazing time with my friend and mentor Jim Shore. Both me and my husband met him about 6 years ago in the D23 Dreamstore when we were showcasing our Alice in Wonderland Chess Set. We’ve been art pals ever since. All of us are sculptors and speak the same language… it’s been an awesome experience to able to work with him. Thank you Jim!


It’s Summa-time in the studio…

A BIG’ol THANKS to everyone who joined me on the Disney Wonder ship in May, It was such a fabulous time!


I’ve been quite busy in my studio the past month….working on some projects under the radar that won’t be surfacing for another year or so, but it’s gonna melt our faces off when it does! I can’t wait for the big reveal.
Doing commissions both large and small for my collectors has also been on my plate whilst being in my elf-studio….thank you all for loving my work-my heart is so thankful!

Some of you don’t know that I also do freelance designs for Animation studios and Toy companies… So you may own something I designed and not even know it! sneaky huh?

Wonderground Gallery in Downtown Disney…

I’ve been having many peeps email me about what’s up for fall 2016… and it’s looks like and event on Sept. 2nd, where I’ll be painting live… THEN the whole month of October will be MINE! Every Friday and Saturday mates. I’ll be there. In the fish bowl window… talking shop and creating new works. Exact Dates TBA.
I only have one more sculpture left, so I’m in full creation mode right now! The studio lights are a’ burnin’~
Disney Cruiseline? Will you be back aboard –some have asked?

And yes, most likely next year – but I’ll keep you in the know – as I find out more details! Any art shows coming up that are non-Disney? Yup. I have a mini solo at Screaming sky gallery Oregon in November…I’ll be sure to post more info as I find out the nitty’s on this too! Thank you for ALL of your love letters, I adore all my Collectors like extended family! Merci for your hearts my friends, here’s my heart on my sleeve…..
Have a Gorgeous summer! MM

Disney Cruise Ship ‘Wonder’

The sea is calling me hearty’s, and I’ll be Painting live on The Disney Cruise Ship, ‘Wonder’  from May 18th-23rd!

Here’s a Link to the DISNEY BLOG for more info!

This is super exciting, and I’ve had to keep it under wraps for quite some time… the suspense was killing me! I honestly have never been on a cruise ship before, so I better go to a thrift store and buy some really bad 70’s clothes for both Rick and I. Surfacing on this voyage, will be a  gorgeous new slew of Disney character inspired artwork, including ‘The Mermaid Lagoon’, two unique palette plates embellished with Tinkerbell  and Ariel, and only 7 original sculpts of my latest creation, ‘Capt. Tink!’ On board I’ll be painting, “A Party is Bubbling” over my week stay, and I’ll be sure to post pictures!


Winter Forest Queen


A Huge thank you to all that came to my Open Studio in early December.  Not to mention to give you huge mounds of gratitude for your over whelming response to my Designer Series 1 / Vinylmation production series. It’s now sold out online at the Disney Store! I hold my heart in thanks for the love you’ve shown me and my work, especially over the last couple years…

Currently, I’m hibernating a tad and feverishly drawing and painting up some ideas for the forthcoming year.

In line with that…. I thought I’d go with the ‘Winter flow’ and release one from my new ‘Guardian’ series.

The first being….

“Winter Forest Queen”

She is available from my new fine art gallery store:


Here’s to a Healthful, Happy and Positive New year for you all!

with gratitude,


Vinylmation™ – Designer Series #1


Just around the bend! ….Vinylmation™ – Designer Series #1 created by yours truly, is set to release… Saturday, Sept 12th at WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney® District! This is my first Production run series.. So it’s REALLY special. I’ll be at D-Street Signing from 3-5pm , so come on by and don’t be shy! I’ll even have some super special art surprises on hand as well. What could they be?

Wait, there’s more! I forgot to mention that I’ll be joining in the excitement at Wonderground Gallery in the Downtown Disney® District at the Disneyland® Resort throughout the month of October as the artist in residence, so pencil in the 3rd / 9th,10th / 16th,17th /23rd,24th/ and Friday the 30th from 6:30 – 10pm ~ I hope you stop by! There will be even more ‘haunting’ fun in store with the release of my ‘Little Haunts’ / series 3! More info TBA dear mortals… Click Here for details on the Disney Blog: ~MM