NEW 2018 lines are about to release!

At Last! I can start showing you guys some photos of my NEW lines for 2018.

Presenting…The First, in Pink.. TaDaaaaaaaaaaaa..

is my personal line ~ Straight from your favorite elf’s crazy brain!
It’s a dash of circus, a dot of cosmic, and a dash of Pixieville! For years I’ve been building a whole world of little critters n’ gals, wee beasties and mushroom pals. I hope you enjoy my first ‘toe in the pool’ for this batch o’ cookies.
I’m super proud of ’em, and they just went LIVE for PRESALE up on my new site … woooo! Fancy pantaloons…


Also coming this Year, are my new Disney Showcase sculpts… Fantasia and Wonderland!

( Pictured below,  is my original concept art. wee!)  For those of you who already bought my Cheshire Cat during the first launch… now he has some company, because we’re ALL MAD HERE.. heh heh.


The Backgrounds you see behind them (on the slides on front page of my website) -were painted by yours truly, and will be available in the deluxe sets soon. I just finished them, in fact – the paints barely dry!

So hang tight for those to get printed and pop up on the Enesco wholesale site, and… my new ‘worldofMissMindy’ site too!I hope you all had a wonderful New Year, and may this one bring positivity and light… MORE fun PICS to come!!

love and kisses, MM

PS: Wholesale shop folks: you can go straight to Enesco if you have  a resale license: whoop!