Summa time – Vinyls pre order & OCTOBER rumors…

Happy almost summer to everyone!


I’m becoming a cave dweller in my studio for the next few months.. because, as you know – I’m an elf vampire, and have a heap ton o’ artwork to do! Don’t get me wrong.. I love sun when it’s not baking my Irish skin, but love a nice gothic wide brim hat, and a cold port in the shade too.

(I may do a signing in Vegas at the end of June mid-July.. but will keep you posted as soon as I have the skinny.)  After that, I’ll be prepping for all my shows and releases for October. So far: I’ll be going to the New Castle Comic-con, Artist in Residence at WonderGround Gallery, a Art show and retrospective with my art family… and signing with Hot Topic at LA Comic Con! Yes, That’s all in October – sheesh! Everything’s still being confirmed and all that jazz, but wanted to come out from behind the curtain to tell ya’ll a bit of whats up.


I just stumbled on these cute banners that the folks at Enesco made to promote my lines… so fun! My Vinyls will be releasing later this year…  – Right now, the one place you can pre order at many shops online.. I’ll be sure to post when I have more links!

You can also pre order if you’ve got a wholesale license – up on the Enesco site.. so slowly down the pipe they come to so many fabulous shops… so excited…
Big big hugs, MM