THANK YOU for making My Vinyl Launch amazing!

Thank you my amazing darlings…

My Vinyl line just launched last month and It was BONKERS!

They’re being so well received, n’ selling out in so many locations. I’m really floored and downright thankful to each and every one of you. I’ve been designing cartoons and toys since the early 2000’s.. and to have this come to fruition.. is a dream. Ya’ll who’ve followed my art since my underground art show days, painting and showcasing on the sidewalks..animation design.. to the Disney gallery.. know its been Mr Toad’s Wild Ride as an independent artist. I’m trying to write about my experiences as an artist to put in a crazy book of my journey someday… but you know me and my ADD.. so wish me luck!

My little Vinyl suckers are starting to pop up all over the world and in SO MANY lovely Brick n’Mortars  and online shoppes… Merci Merci Beaucoup mes Ami’s!

If you’re having trouble finding them…Just key word ‘World of Miss Mindy Vinyl’ ‘Miss Mindy’  etc… and slew of places in your neck of the woods should pop up.  My website has them available for my United States collectors….but alas.. I don’t ship International as of yet… but there’s OH SO many fabulous places abroad to nab my collections!  Any other questions you may have.. please contact my pals at Enesco who manufacturer and distribute the lil’ buggers. I really have no control over that end… but thank you for all your inquiries just the same!

Movin’ along to recap the past month… The UK signings in Kendal were just amazing. The Northern English are some of the most down to earth and creative folks… so embracing to all us crazy comic/ and pop culture artists from all over the world


In their Town Hall, the old clock tower…They served us tea, fruit and chocolates on cute little carts and will REAL cups and saucers. That’s some classy sH*T!

This trip was special because my Husband Rick – or ‘Sweet Ricky-dee’ came to join me. We drank all the beer and the fish and chips too. Some of the best we’ve ever had… It was so needed.. that little getaway with him. He’s been my number 1 champion ever since we met.. and especially when I decided to leave animation to start up my own art career in 2010. A pretty amazing man. Thank you Rick. There’s no one like you on this planet. In fact, we joke that we’re FROM another planet, but that’s another story.


Next up! My residency at Disneyland’s Wonderground went fantastical as well. I think I signed for about 18 hours total in October there.. and if you count my La Comic con Hot Topic and Uk stints.. almost 40 hours! Whew- weeee. Everyone was super kind and thoughtful, patient and understanding as I tried to spend some ‘Quality time’ with each person. I really didn’t get much live painting done.. but didn’t mind. It was fun to chat with all the guests and see people excited about art. That’s what really keeps me going when I’m pooped from being on display in a window. Folks being excited about art and stories.. that’s what started all the galleries and cons


So am I just laid-out from all the signings? Well... yes.. Ha! But I’m doing one more this year at my ol’ friend Leanna Lins Wonderland in my Hometown of Eagle Rock in Los Angeles NOVEMBER 24th from 4-7pm. I’ll be signing and doodling for folks and talking shop… I hope you’ll come by and join us to help support your local small businesses!

Please see my events page for the skinny…

xoxo Minz