Vinyls RELEASE & upcoming events!

MY first Disney Showcase / WORLD of Miss Mindy Vinyls are starting to roll out!

WHERE? Well first.. Mickey, Minnie, Stitch, Jack and Sally have Hit the Shelves at Hot Topic and Box Lunch Stores for an early exclusive!

ALSO – My friends at Books a Million stores will be debuting my Alice and Cheshire Cat Vinyls for their fancy pants early exclusive…Merci Merci for helping me bring these little buggers into the world with a bang!

So happy to have my creations launch at last… and  Merci for all of your patience while we get these first 2 series looking as gorgeous as they can be! I’ve been working in the arts and  designer collectables world for many years.. and It always feels like I just had plastic kids! It’s quite an undertaking to ‘LAUNCH’ the ‘NEW’ and unusual. I thank all my collectors that have been with me.. the big and the small.. the teenie and tall… for supporting my art to no end… and for being so excited my ART. You’re my super heroes! It’s been a bit like Mr. Toads wild ride….

Cheers to new ideas and different ways to look at the world…

To bending the rules and twisting the mold.. (pun intended – Ha ha!)

– I hope to see you at my upcoming events this fall:

1. I’ll be at LA comic con at The Hot Topic booth with 200 LE zero’s that glow in the dark! Oct 27th from 12-2pm

2. I’m Wonderground Gallery’s Artist in Residence for October! 6,7 / 20, 21 / 27, 28

*From 6-10pm every Saturday and Sunday (except the second weekend, I’ll be at New Castle comic-con in the UK!)

**I’ve heard I should have my vinyls on hand at Wonderground if all goes to plan!